As a follow-up to Wednesday's Notes "Hannover" usability blog about locking the Notes client, Mary Beth Raven wrote:

here's what we've decided:

1. We want to give you configurable function keys but can't fit it in with all the other things for Hannover. So we're taking note for a future release.

2. The Lock Display feature will invoke the windows Lock computer function.

3. To invoke it, users will continue to use the menu or the F5 key.

4. The Sametime 7.5 implementation automatically puts you into "away" mode when your windows computer goes into "lock Computer" mode.
From reading the comments, this seems to be a pretty unpopular decision.  This is the good news/bad news of a development team blogging about a pre-beta product...great way to get feedback, but also a risky way to expose the decision-making process in product development.

I suspect Friday's posting isn't the last we'll hear on the subject.

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