A solid discussion of the collaboration strategies of major vendors, with insights into IBM Lotus, Microsoft, and Oracle.

In the modern business world, no one is an island. Everybody needs to be able to communicate, and as efficiently as possible. That is the message coming from the major collaboration software vendors, who are seeking to make every worker better connected and more productive, no matter where they are.
Good quotes and positioning from all vendors, some things my competitors say that are a little iffy...
  • Microsoft continues to spin around why customers didn't upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000.  It's not clear that better migration tools is the silver bullet -- the product still doesn't do anything more in Exchange 2003 than it did in Exchange 5.5, just has some improvements to resource consumption and Outlook Web Access has a prettier UI.
  • Oracle still trying to claim that they are the only vendor shipping a messaging server on a relational database.  I guess they missed the May, 2003 announcement of Lotus Workplace Messaging.
Link: Computer Business Review: Collaborate or suffocate >

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