Geez, I only wish I had this column about one day earlier -- I could have added another line to the MS collaboration "Dead Products Society"....

The handwriting has been on the wall for public folders for a year or two. I first heard a Microsoft speaker strongly discourage use of public folders at the MEC 2002 conference. An administrator who attended the same session was in a state of near panic because her university has thousands of public folders in active use.
That organization might be an exception, though. HP Vice President Tony Redmond, in a speech at the Exchange Connections conference last November, called public folders "a massive underachievement in collaboration," noting that few organizations leverage all features of public folders and that many organizations had a bad experience with public folders. Redmond suggested that organizations to consider moving from public folders to Microsoft SharePoint technologies.
Guess this is my response to Alistair Hughes's comment about public folder related to the chart in last week's "Backlogged" posting.
Link: Exchange & Outlook Update: "Are Public Folders dead?" >

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