and y'all make fun of IBM product and solution names...
Looks like Sun announced a new messaging offering earlier this week.  It was covered in yesterday's Network World messaging newsletter (not yet on the website, but it will show up in the archive here).  The newsletter repeats Sun's amazing claims around TCO, consolidation, and the ability to replace Exchange.
Every so often, Sun reappears on the competitive radar in the messaging market, so I did want to check out what the new news was all about.  As far as I can tell, other than creating a mouthful of an offering name, there's nothing new at all.  The products are the same tired Sun mail and calendar servers, just now wrapped with Sun services offerings.
There is one nugget that comes out of the hype, though.  Sun's FAQ page indicates that they have 600 enterprise customers (allow me to assume that they mean this in the messaging market).  That's like two orders of magnitude fewer than IBM.  Were I Sun's FAQ writer, I'm not sure I would have offered this number as evidence of their cred...heck, even Oracle's bogus claims around Oracle Collaboration Suite indicate a higher number of customers for that product, which is much newer.
Anyone still wondering why I am so often frustrated with trying to cite market share numbers in the messaging market?  When it's software, and you can't measure or audit physical goods, it's a real challenge.

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