In June, Microsoft said the Discovery suite would be delayed until 2005. However, the vendor has been silent about it since then...Sources familiar with the plans said some of Discovery's baseline capabilities will be channeled into the next-generation Windows operating system, or Longhorn, while others will surface in highly interoperable server successors to the present lineup. Swift said it's too early to make decisions about the Longhorn server wave. Though packaging and licensing concerns ostensibly were one reason for the change of plans, Microsoft may feel some customer pushback. Last year, a Microsoft product manager said customers on Software Assurance that had even one of the suite's components would be able to upgrade to the full suite at very attractive pricing. Customers now may feel Microsoft has back-pedaled from what would have been a bargain.
I remember attending MS TechEd in Anaheim back in October '02 where "Jupiter" (which somehow became "Discovery") was first announced by Paul Flessner and wondering what the point was anyway.  It seemed artifical and out of alignment with where the market was going.
Looks like another tomb in the MS collaboration graveyard.
Link: CRN: Microsoft grounds Discovery suite >

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