On MSDN, via Peter O'Kelly:

Whether or not you have been developing for the Microsoft Office System for a long time or just getting started, you may be a little overwhelmed by the number of new, re-crafted, or updated Microsoft products available for building collaborative solutions.

This is just so typical.   MS attitude of "yeah, we built a bunch of stuff, none of it really worked well, none of it was widely adopted, but wow, we have a great set of stuff for you today!"
Classic MS tactic visible here, too -- the platitudes heaped on Office Live Communications Server, for example.  I've seen this so many times before, where MS says something exactly the opposite of reality, as in (emphasis mine):
One of the most exciting products is Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, an instant messaging-based product. What is particularly gratifying is that the user gets loads of spectacular features without much effort.
Uh huh.
If nothing else, a useful read to see how MS has spun together 15 products into a collaboration mess.
Link: MSDN - Sorting out Microsoft's collaboration technologies >

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