Couple of articles to point to.
The first is a business-oriented article from Computerworld (thanks for the link, Tim) called "Chat gets serious".

Indeed, Gartner Inc. estimates that by 2006, IM will be so ubiquitous that it will eclipse e-mail as workers' primary on-the-job communications tool -- with or without the blessing of IT departments.
Discusses three case studies-- one that rolled its own, one that deployed Lotus's solution, and one that deployed software from Ipswitch.  From the Ingersoll-Rand story, which talks about deploying Lotus Sametime:
His advice to other IT managers: "Don't fight IM. Develop a strategy for implementation instead. If you don't, others will do it for you by bringing IM in under the radar."
Well, now, if you need help choosing a product, Infoworld has published a very comprehensive review of four business IM solutions:  Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, Novell Groupwise Messenger 1.0, and Jabber XCP 2.7.  Lotus and Jabber tie with the top scores of "Very good / 7.6".  
To sum up, Lotus IM works well with Notes and Web browsers, and provides smooth transitions from chat to app sharing to whiteboarding. Microsoft truly offers a rich experience, but much of the wealth depends on an all-out adoption of Microsoft products and architectures from top to bottom. Jabber is the king of flexibility and provides an extensible platform, which programmers can use as the basis for almost any sort of message-based enterprise application imaginable. Novell's messenger ties nicely into GroupWise, but unless the circumstances require deploying right now, customers who are leaning towards GroupWise Messenger should probably wait for the major upgrade that's right around the corner.
Very interesting, thorough, and balanced.
Link: Computerworld: Chat Gets Serious >
Link: Infoworld: Enterprise Instant Messengers Make the Grade >

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