Making something out of nothing....

As a Microsoft integrator, she said Avanade has been in talks with "the world's five largest Notes portfolios" about trialling Exchange, but was unwilling to name local customers involved in the pilot.
Putting aside how blustery a statement that is, last I checked, IBM is the largest Notes deployment in the world.  On this site, I don't speak for IBM, but I think it's pretty safe to assert that IBM is not looking to Avanade for any such services, for a multitude of reasons ;).
The rest of the article consists of classic "Notes is dead" FUD, clearly from someone deliberately not keeping current with Lotus's story.  The reporter applies a bit of skepticism to Avanade's spin, though I think they could go further.  In fact, I debated blogging this drivel at all (it came out on Friday); but decided that everyone could use some Monday morning entertainment.  There are other statements in the article that are easy to challenge, but I didn't want to have all the fun myself.  Have a go at being a spin-meister -- there's plenty here for everyone.
Link: Computerworld Australia: Microsoft fires salvo at Notes users >

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