Last week, ComputerWorld Australia ran a story based on this same Avanade pitch.  ZDNet Australia has done a lot more reporting on the subject, though, and thus, the other shoe drops...

"In fact, the world's five largest Notes portfolios are in talks with Avanade [to migrate]," she claimed.
However, checks with IBM told a different story. "Accenture is not our second largest Notes customer globally," said Hala Batainah, IBM's Lotus Brand Manager for Australia and New Zealand. "Our top 10 customers have over 100,000 Notes seats." ... "IBM is the world's largest Notes deployment and we are certainly not in talks with Avanade. ... Importantly, when discussing Accenture's Notes migration, we must bear in mind that Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture and there may have been factors beyond actual business requirements for the migration," Batainah said.
Zing! But wait, there's more....
Meta Group's Brian Prentice believes IBM has done a good job at putting in place an intelligent migration strategy. ... Prentice also reviled Microsoft for misleading customers.
"It's disingenuous for Microsoft to say that there are not similar changes for customers -- be they Notes/Domino or Outlook/Exchange -- should they want to move to their next generation collaborative platform. Remember that Exchange 2003 requires Windows Server 2003. Exchange 5.5 customers are still facing an Active Directory issue by making that transition.
"Exchange Server 2003 is no longer the single centre of Microsoft's collaborative strategy. To really get the full advantage, customers need to consider Live Communications Server (which requires SQL Server), in addition to leveraging the Windows Sharepoint Service which is in Windows Server 2003," he said.
This one has it all, folks: drama, intrigue, action.  Read on --
Link: ZDNet Australia: Will Lotus users bite Microsoft's bait? >

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