Blogging in part to further procsrastinate on getting my keynote pitch for tomorrow morning wrapped up :)
Great conference so far here in Munich.  Most of the speakers arrived yesterday, and we all compared notes on how uncomfortable our transcon economy class flights were -- seemingly regardless of airline.  I took a stroll around central Munich during the afternoon; will upload photos later.  Nothing open, so nothing to do, but plenty of people out anyway!  For last night's dinner, the speaking crew took over a nearby "floating" sushi bar and closed down the joint.  First sushi bar I've ever seen operate on a cash-only basis, but it was good.
This morning started with a keynote from my colleage Bill Hume, Director of Development for Notes/Domino.  He outlined some of the Lotus Workplace strategy, as well as directions for Notes 7, Notes 8, and Domino 7.  The 200-ish attendees seemed pretty wired -- so much so that both vowe and I were mo-blogging from the free T-Mobile hotspot serving that section of the hotel.
I didn't stay for Thomas Gumz's presentation and demonstration on Domino 7 administration -- auf Deutsch.  I'm sure I would have learned something, but my German comprehension is near zero.  It would have been hard to concentrate.
In the afternoon, I had four press interviews -- two here and two by phone back to the US.  We then closed the first day of the conference with a panel Q&A, featuring myself, Bill, and Thomas, as well as Bob Balaban, Dr. Prof. Ludwig Nastansky of UNI-Paderborn, and Felix Binsack, who I know from three visits to DNUG.  The panel was moderated by Volker, who had some very good "plant" questions, and then opened it up to the audience.  After a long day, we still were taking questions at 7:45 PM!  Finally shut down when dinner opened up, featuring plenty of weissbier and brezels, and some very good conversation with many partners and customers.
My keynote is at 8:30 AM -- exactly eight hours from now -- so I should probably get that wrapped up and get some sleep.  More, later today!

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