As most of you know, I write an official weblog on as well as contributing content here on my own site.  So it is with a fair bit of interest that I added Microsoft's official weblog for MS Exchange to my RSS reader several weeks ago.  MS has taken a team approach to the blog -- several people are contributing content, and they do typically have profiles posted so you know who said what.  I am intrigued by the process -- it seems quite different from what we do on  It does, however, suggest an approach I could take with the Lotus weblog -- remove the branding (which would be fine by me) and move to a model of more of a group effort.  Something to think about.
However, today's MS Exchange blog discusses hold times for MS Product Support on Exchange.  I find this open admission fascinating. Here is Microsoft essentially airing dirty laundry in public:

"I called in, waited for an hour and the they told me I'd get a call in 4 hours".

Yes, unfortunately, this is what happens these days.
I am not casting stones at MS PSS by quoting this (though I do find it a bit amusing that a company with $60 billion in the bank doesn't have enough support people for a product that is known to be .... well, ok, anything I'd say here would be a cheap shot Image:Microsoft Exchange Team Blog: PSS hold times (updated)).  Anyone who has ever worked in IT has been in this situation with support or a help desk -- and those of us who have been on that end of the call know how uncomfortable and disappointing it is to provide less-than-ideal turnaround time for help requests.
At any rate, I think it's quite intriguing, on an official blog, to be reading about support turnaround time problems.  It's refreshing, but a bit risky.  Were it me writing for that blog, I'd be worried about my competition taking that information and spinning it in some way to customers....,.... er, uh, nevermind.
Update: I've commented on the flareup this blog entry created.

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