Article discussing Microsoft's drastically cut pricing initiative for Windows in Thailand...

One IT manager at a financial services company who asked not to be named said he doesn't like the idea that his company "is subsidizing a foreign country's initiative."
The IT manager said his company would consider lighter versions of both Windows and Office with functionality specifically for business use, since Microsoft has blended "so many nonbusiness applications/services into the product that it creates too many support issues."
The vast majority of 20 North America-based corporate users randomly polled by Computerworld over the past two weeks said they think Windows and Office are overpriced. Their answers varied widely when asked what a more appropriate price would be. Responses were in the range of $30 to $150 for Windows and $75 to $200 for Office.
This should not be new news, dear reader.  Anyone who has looked at Microsoft's finances knows that the corporate world is "subsidizing" a lot more than a foreign country's initiative.  It's the enormous profits from Windows, Office, and the Windows server line that fund the losses in MSN, XBox, and other MS efforts.
Link: Computerworld: Users weigh merits of 'Windows Lite' >

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