A number of ex-cc:Mailers are at Scalix, a new Linux messaging company founded by Julie Farris.  Farris is now an "expert adviser" for SearchEnterpriseLinux, and today participates in the first of a two-part Q&A about Linux and messaging.

How have CIOs' concerns about Exchange played out?
Farris: Forty percent of Exchange users have not upgraded to Exchange 2000 yet, after four years. Many tell us that they don't want to go to Active Directory. Others fear the cost and the complexity of that move. So that market has stalled around this issue and the desire to avoid lock-in. At the same time, Linux has proven to be a powerful platform that offers customers more choice and flexibility, helping them avoid this lock-in.
The question not (yet) answered in this interview -- what is Scalix's competitive differentiator?  Perhaps in part 2?
Link: SearchEnterpriseLinux: Linux answers some messaging challenges >

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