More on the SQL Server "Yukon" delay.  Gartner  and Jupiter analysts decry how the delay will impact Software Assurance customers, "Longhorn", and other MS plans.  It also looks like the overlap period between SQL Server 2000 support and "Yukon" support will be quite small...certainly less time than it will take for those customers to consider upgrading or migrating to a competitor.

In a briefing posted on the Gartner Web site Wednesday, analysts Betsy Burton, Ted Friedman, and Bill Hostmann chimed in with a warning to SA subscribers.
"Customers paying for SA maintenance agreements during this protracted development, with the expectation of receiving functional value for their investment, will find that many of these SA agreements have lapsed before the product is released," the three said in the alert. ....
"Companies facing support expiration of SQL Server 2000 next year would have less time to test and prepare for SQL Server 2005," he said. Depending on what Microsoft means by "the first half of 2005" -- its only hint of when it hopes to ship the new SQL Server -- the window may be as short as six months.
That's not long enough for the Gartner analysts, who recommended that companies "consider that SQL Server 2005 will not be proven for production enterprise applications until early 2006, following at least two product fix packs."
Link: TechWeb: Microsoft's SQL Server Delay Stresses Software Assurance  >

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