Sources say the EU's draft ruling similarly finds Microsoft abused its monopoly in computer operating software to gain share in markets for digital media players and low-end servers. But the remedies sought go beyond the U.S. deal.
The EU wants Microsoft to offer computer makers a version of Windows without the Windows Media Player to give rivals like RealNetworks Inc. a better shot at getting onto consumer desktops. It also would demand Microsoft release more basic Windows code to improve "interoperability" with competing networking software made by Sun Microsystems and others.
For a variety of reasons, I haven't written about this EU case all that much.  But now that it's moving into the potential remedy phase, I'm following the possible outcomes pretty closely.  It will be interesting to watch the politics of the next eight days, before the remedy is (expected to be) announced on the 24th.
Link: Seattle Post Intelligencer: Microsoft CEO Ballmer in 11th-hour talks with EU antitrust officials >

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