RSS is better than an alarm clock! When my reader updated this morning, it was hard to ignore Henning Heinz's "The trolls meet at" subject line. He's referring to an opinion editorial which appeared there yesterday, and the "sound off" discussion ensuing.
Initially, I had planned to ignore the opinion column, since it's quite poorly written and seems designed simply to be inflammatory.  But a few pings and e-mails made it hard to ignore the mis-information.  SoI jumped in last night, and as Heini pointed out, had drawn a few more responses this morning.  And so it goes.
Look folks, I'm not blind to the fact that there is still more work for Lotus to do to communicate the vision, strategy, roadmap. But the last four months have been a whole lot better and clearer than the six months before that.  The industry analysts have almost all written favorable reports, with Patricia Seybold group entitling their Lotusphere paper "IBM Delivers Clear Messages on the Future of Lotus Technologies" (link for Seybold customers, if you aren't their customer and want to read the report, send me e-mail ed_brill at usdotibmdotcom, as IBM has obtained some limited redistribution rights).    When you see Workplace 2.0 next quarter, you'll see that significant progress is being made.  
If you are reacting to the FUD, you owe it to yourself and your career to seek out this information and get educated, not simply rant.  Here's a good starter link on "What the press is saying about Lotusphere 2004".
BTW, if you decide to visit SearchDomino, you'll probably see an advertisement for an upcoming messaging conference in Chicago.  Sadly, for whatever reason, I won't be attending this one, even though it's my home town.  IBM's Ken Bisconti is a speaker, but despite repeated requests, I've been unable to even obtain a way to accompany him to his session, much less check out some of the other speakers (a few of whom would be interesting to catch up with). So if you are looking to attend a conference in Chicago in early May, might I suggest the IBM Content Management and WebSphere Portal conference.  It will cover Lotus Workplace as well, and I'll be delivering an updated "Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus" presentation.

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