Last week, I discovered that Microsoft has reinstituted a "Competitive comparisons" section of the Exchange website.  It's lighter than it was in the past, and notable because instead of featuring Microsoft's own competitive papers, they are now letting industry analyst papers do the talking.  Interesting that the analysts are letting their work be used in a public, directly competitive way, but that's not the real surprising bit.
The link that really surprised me was the one that claims that "Exchange and Outlook are still the market leaders".  It links to a 2002 IDC market share report, which covers the market as of end of 2001.  That was the last time that IDC reported on "seats" as a measure of collaboration market share.  In the 2003 report, IDC reports only on revenue -- and shows IBM as continuing to be the market leader, not Microsoft.
It seems to me that it's a bit deceptive to post a report that is now more than 18 months old as representative of their position in the market, especially since the more recent reports identify IBM, not Microsoft, as the leader.

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