"We believe it's unprecedented and inappropriate for the Commission to impose a fine on a company's U.S. operations when those operations are already regulated by the U.S. government," Gutierrez said. "The conduct at issue has been permitted by both the U.S. Department of Justice and a U.S. court."
The company also argued it could not have known its behavior would infringe EU law and thus it should not be fined at all.
The preceedings in the EU have been going on for how long?  At least two years.  All the spin coming out this week seems to be trying to say, "who us? We didn't know anything about this!"  And worse, appears to be setting up a challenge to the legitimacy of the Commission's decision.  Not exactly the way to endear a company to a continent full of consumers.  And having US senators get involved isn't going to help.
Link: Associated Press: Microsoft attacks proposed EU fine as 'inappropriate' in light of U.S. settlement >

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