Yesterday's posting was indeed from a Microsoft document, positioning vs. MS Office for partners.  Good discussion ensued. Thanks to Duffbert for chiming in about a recent meeting his company had with Microsoft and how many times and ways they tried to position their alternative solution as "free".  Free isn't free, which is something I've said for years about the Notes vs. Outlook competition.  In my 2002 premiere edition of "The Boss Loves Microsoft" at Lotusphere, I cited a 2001 Gartner report on the topic*, which said,

The license for Outlook is included in the site license for Microsoft Office, so it may seem at first blush it may appear cheaper.  But the license cost is generally 5% of the total cost of ownership.  Enterprises should keep looking for the systems and people costs that make up the other 95%.
It is great to see Microsoft's own marketing materials now acknowledging this point. I'm sure it will soon replace their positioning that Outlook is "free" in their customer presentations.
* I suspect a Gartner subscription is required to access this old report.  If you want a copy, let me know and I'll see if we still have redistribution rights.  If you are Randall S, your email address is bouncing replies.  Oh, and thanks to the company that is still hosting PDFs of the 2002 Lotusphere presentations.

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