OK Microsoft, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Outlook really really sucks. All that nice interface is just used to disguise how bad your technology is in the back-end.
As a long time Notes users I always had to agree to people telling me how superior Outlook was as a mail client, and since I had never used Outlook for any longer than the time required to test a connector or something like that, I had the impression those damn blind-folded users were right.
Well I have news for you: you're wrong! Notes is a much better mail client than Outlook will ever be.
I've always said that it's perception, not necessarily reality.  Maybe we need an "independent user tests show...." report.
Note that Nuno acknowledges he is using Outlook 2000...there have been two versions since, so perhaps these issues have been addressed?
Link: Nuno Pereria: Outlook sucks! >

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