One of the interesting parts about blogging has been how it influences real-time interactions.  I've been in conversations that have started with "don't blog about this..." as well as "here's something interesting for your blog".  
Got a bunch of those "interesting for your blog" notes yesterday.  Sometimes these are useful -- timely information, a cool story, need travel info, a good jab at the competition.  Sometimes I react immediately, other times it sits in the queue, and sometimes they'll never end up here or  Yesterday's info included a reference to the bestseller list in Computing Canada this week (list doesn't appear to be online) -- "Lotus Notes 6 for Dummies" is #8, and a link to a way cool hotel in Berlin, where every room is a different design.
There were also these two interesting reference stories sent along by a colleague "down under".  The A/NZ team and customer/partner base has been quite supportive of my blogging efforts, and I can tell from the mails that they are just plain ol' excited to see these stories hit the streets.  Thus, here we have:
Montana's secrets ripe for sharing: a story about a Lotus Team Workplace (Quickplace) implementation that helped communications in a corporate merger
Toyota NZ's one-stop information shop: a dealership extranet built on Domino that handles leads, customer correspondence, training, and more.  I have seen several such systems on Domino.  Since the security model is so tightly baked in, it seems a natural platform for such applications.
One other bit of feedback over the last couple of days is that I see some comments from people who think I've gone a bit too far on the MS bashing of late.  First, someone somewhere seems to think I said I wouldn't do this here since it's my personal weblog.  I actually think I've said the opposite -- that since this is my personal weblog, I'll write about lots of different topics including Microsoft.  Anyway, MS have provided a lot of grist for the mill lately, and I haven't wanted to miss any of it.  But since we might be getting a bit of battle fatigue, I'll try to let it ride for a while and focus on some other topics, like the Lotus references above.
As for today, a return trip to St. Louis for a couple of business partner meetings.  Off to O'Hare...

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