I covered the official-like stuff on my lotus.com weblog, but here are some other random thoughts:

  • It was great seeing many of you face-to-face.  Flying home last night, I wallowed in despair that it is more than nine months until Lotusphere 2004.  I'm hopeful that there will be enough other industry events, conferences, or customer visits to bring us together.   I know a few of you will be at the IBM Software Symposium in Munich next month, but obviously that is a pretty different community than a US-based event.  Still, I am looking forward to Munich.
  • If I hadn't spent the early part of the week in Cambridge, I could really have used another day in New Orleans.  Not because I was seeking more beignets, but simply because I hardly saw or did anything with any local flavor.  Beignets&gumbo were about it.... besides, it was just too darn cold on Tues/Wednesday to do much of anything else.  Of course, now that I left, it warmed up :(
  • We got the message loud and clear that strategy/marketing-oriented sessions just weren't as useful to this audience.  I spent a lot of time with the Lotus events team (now the SWG events team) and they were taking copious notes.  Lots of good ideas for future events.
  • Grady Booch is a man to watch, especially now that Rational is part of IBM.  Though I do agree with Volker's observation that he had a Klingon-like appearance on camera in the general session.
  • I do not like to get 100 messages behind in answering e-mail.  The hard drive crash really took the wind out of my sails.  I am taking the day off today, hoping a longer weekend will help recharge the batteries.

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