Bold-faced, brazen, and audacious -- words in my head walking out of the Exchange keynote here at TechEd.  MS VP Dave Thompson's coming-out party among the Exchange customer base was certainly interesting.  Using a Q&A format, the session addressed questions on the minds of many Exchange administrators and their management.  But one pair of questions featured a stark and remarkably gutsy (or maybe gutless) contrast.
Question #3: "I'm a Lotus customer, should I consider Exchange"  During the discussion of this question, Mr. Thompson asserted that "it's very important to understand the roadmap of where your vendor is going."  I agree!  He further went on to say that "Domino['s] future is uncertain", and that this is a reason to migrate to Exchange.  He had a couple of other tepid reasons -- #1 on his list was "best support for Outlook and Office."  Pretty sad when your first (and third and fourth) reasons for suggesting a migration have nothing to do with the capabilities of the destination product.
Anyway, the reason I call this all audacious is that question #1 (they went in reverse order) was "What is the roadmap for Exchange?"  And when the slide for that one came up, I couldn't contain my laughter.  Why?  Because Microsoft made no commitment to a next version of Exchange Server, and seems to have dropped  discussion altogether around "Kodiak", the SQL Server "Yukon"-based version of Exchange.  The chart had "today" which includes Exchange 2003, Outlook 2003, and E2003 SP1, a 2005 column which includes Exchange Edge Services (a new product hoping to target spam issues), and a "future" column which discusses such exciting innovations as a separate resource model instead of having to create pseudo-users for room/resource reservations (amazing!).  What it didn't have was anything about "Exchange 200x", or any specific vision around when a new version of Exchange might ship.
I'm trying to retain professionalism here -- but the word "cajones" just keeps echoing around in my head.  How dare Microsoft criticize the IBM roadmap, when Notes/Domino 7 is in beta and IBM has made public commitments to the timeline for that release, plus talked about features and general timeline for Notes 8...when they offer their installed base a bunch of general future feature goals.
Now the other day, weren't we saying something about people who live in glass houses....
Update: I guess Peter O'Kelly was expecting this rant. ;)

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