OK, a few polite gripes that I was too far off-topic yesterday; I get it... busy day around here.
Today, let's combine some related topics into one.  First, I posted a "quick take" story about the lack of roadmap for Microsoft Exchange on the lotus.com news and homepage.
Not surprisingly, the first feedback that came into lotus.com about it criticized me/us for taking a shot at Microsoft from the homepage.  My reponse - too bad.  Far too often,the feedback more generally is that Lotus and IBM choose the high road when a street fight is needed.  It always sounds good to "let your product compete on its own merits", but that's not the way the market plays out.  I've seen much much much more aggressive tactics from my competitors (and their partners), so there you go.
But what is the right kind of content for the lotus.com audience?  For a few months, I've been getting occasional feedback on the lotus.com/weblog criticizing its mere existence.  It doesn't happen often -- once every three weeks or so -- but it is enough to make me wonder.  The last one said, "I am looking forward to seeing the former Lotus administrator Ed Brill stopping his weblog aka waste of bandwidth."  Now, really, who cares?  Is this some weak attempt by my competition or their proponents to intimidate me?  Is it someone who just gets their rocks off trolling?  [Aside: IBM privacy policy is very very strict -- lotus.com doesn't capture any information about those leaving comments on the lotus.com/weblog except their self-provided e-mail address.  So I can't IP track these comments]
The reality is, with some upcoming site and other changes, I may well be either shutting down the lotus.com/weblog or finding another way of accomplishing the same thing on the Lotus website.  But in the meantime, I'm not real sure why anyone would object to it?

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