OK, maybe my gauntlet reactor is on overdrive last few days... this post is in part a reaction to a comment on the thread on vowe.net about my previous blog entry which in part discusses future options for the lotus.com/weblog.  In that discussion, Ed Fisher makes the assertion that my blog is all positive, all the time, as far as Lotus/IBM stuff.
So here's a quick story, it won't take even 60 seconds to read it.  In 2001, my role at Lotus was what IBM calls an "offerings manager", writing the business plan for Lotus Notes/Domino.  As you would expect, that meant that I spent a lot of time (still do) working with business partners around how to create mutually beneficial and successful relationships that provided exposure, leads, whatever for their offerings.  Some of those relationships are less useful -- the "partner" wants IBM/Lotus to give everything and they in turn offer nothing.  Other partners are just pests -- constantly asking to meet, or for names of other people to meet, without any real point.  Such marketing 101 tactics do little to create a positive impression with me.
One partner in particular was already on my disdain list when this particular e-mail came into my inbox.  I've omitted their name and any other information that might indicate who they are.  Note that the reference to a "Thursday meeting" wasn't with me, it was with someone else at my IBM location.

It's not a good day to think about business is it?  But we do have the Thursday meeting I mentioned, and we'd very much like to talk with some senior product marketing people about the opportunities covered in my previous emails.  Any chance you could set something up?
The datestamp on this e-mail: 11 September 2001, 4:22 PM EDT.
I never spoke to this "partner" ever again.

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