Today is my 10th anniversary at Lotus/IBM.  I started in the Chicago sales office as an Associate Systems Engineer on June 13, 1994, thanks to a fortuitous lunch conversation with now-colleague Jon Raslawski at Lulu's, still one of my favorite restaurants.  
It would only make sense to be reflective on all that time.  I've written what is admittedly a rather lengthy rear-view -- even without taking some of the detours that appeared in the stream-of-consciousness.  You're welcome to read on to peruse some of the highlights.  But even if you don't -- one thought.  Whether friend or foe, colleague, customer or partner, I have many of you to thank for the success of these past ten years.  Your insight, guidance, tips, criticisms, and friendships have all been key contributors to what has been so much more than a job.  Products may come and go, but people, and the memories, last a lifetime.  So thanks.
Read on for the full trip down memory lane...

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