A few days ago, SearchDomino published their "Top 10 ND web sites" list.  It's been interesting to watch some of the buzz that has spun out of this -- certainly, everybody has an opinion.
As an employee of the software vendor, I'm not likely to publish my own "Top 10" list.  I get skittish enough about the blogroll on this site--I can't list every Lotus-related blogger, though from time to time I read almost all of 'em.  And there are certainly non-blog Lotus-related sites that are well worth reading, too.
What I really like about SearchDomino's list is that they named prominent sites that they might otherwise view as competitors to their list (e-Pro, DominoPower).  I think that speaks to their professionalism.  It's great to see them recognize OpenNTF.Org's efforts around shared Notes/Domino code/apps as well.  So thus far, not much dissent, I expect.  And Bob Balaban is probably pretty happy that they named his looseleaf.net to the list; he's top notch so I don't see any downside there, either.  Jake's Codestore.net is a worthy nominee and representative of the blogging community, though I do have to admit being surprised it is the only weblog on the list.  From there, though, I'm a bit confused.  Four different parts of the IBM developerWorks - Lotus site each get their own link -- I would have given the whole site one link to free up three slots on the list.  And DominoSecurity.org is a site I had previously never heard of, and honestly doesn't look like it's being updated (or perhaps it is such that Domino is so secure that there is no need to update the site!).
Not surprisingly, the publication of this list has spun off some discussion.  The codestore entry about the top 10 list has gone in several directions, with several posters recommending other sites.  Chris Toohey was inspired to post his own Top 10 on his DominoGuru.com site.  And that, in turn, inspired Libby to mention some that aren't on Chris's list on the Lotus Informer at e-Pro.  I've had a whole bunch of referrers from dominoguru in the last few days, so thanks again to Chris for including my site in his list.  He's got quite a few other sites on his list that merit a clickthrough, and I definitely agree that they merit making the list in the first place.
In a completely different vein, Duffbert and Bruce seem to have our first candidate for the Bottom 10 ND websites...

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