Not a blog I regularly follow, but my colleague Adam sent along this link, discussing the upcoming renewal cycle for Microsoft's software maintenance program....

His trade group recently put in Windows Server 2003. He had thought about moving users over to Office 2003, but the most compelling features would require buying other products. "We would need Exchange and SharePoint," he said. His organization uses Lotus Notes. Either way, he couldn't justify the extra expense of two server products and client-access licenses for collaboration and other features.
A fairly typical scenario, and one the press and analysts have reported widely upon for the last nine months.  "Integrated innovation" means buying a lot of different Microsoft servers and having to tie them together, both from a licensing and a deployment perspective.
The point: Microsoft licensing remains a quagmire, despite so-called streamlining efforts introduced with Licensing 6.
Link: Microsoft Monitor: One IT Manager's Sad Story >

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