Analysis on the recent Yahoo and AOL decisions around businss instant messaging....

However, the recent moves were due to more than the slow expansion of the business IM market, according to Genelle Hung, communications director for The Radicati Group Inc., a messaging and collaboration research firm. ...According to Hung, the entire market segment was in trouble. "Business IM is still floundering. No one has found a sweet spot to make it profitable."
No one?
However, IBM Lotus Instant Messaging (also known by its older name, Sametime), according to Ferris [Research], still has the strongest position in business IM. "IBM has been successful [in business IM] and Microsoft slowly getting its act together."
[Robert] Mahowald [IDC analyst] believes that Microsoft's LCS may be what the market needs to take business IM to the next level. "Microsoft is the most interesting because with LCS, IM is part of something larger rather than a one-off application."
That sounds to me like the Lotus Instant Messaging embedded already in Notes 6.5, and the Lotus Workplace Team Collaboration offering where IM is just a service in the Workplace.  Definitely part of something larger in both places, especially Notes today where any Notes application can be presence/awareness-enabled.
Link: eWeek: Business IM Vendors look for answers, profits >

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