For years, Microsoft, IBM, and others have painted visions of a future in which people could easily tap into their programs and information from whichever computer they happen to be using. But SimDesk is the first company to provide that promise in an ultra-affordable way. Individuals can log on to the SimDesk Web site, use basic programs, including word processing, e-mail, and spreadsheet packages, and store their stuff on the company's computers -- all for just a few dollars per person per year. There's no need to spend $399 to buy Microsoft's Office suite of applications....
What's more, SimDesk isn't for everyone. While its applications are compatible with Microsoft's ubiquitous Word and Excel, they lack some of the bells and whistles -- including so-called pivot-tables used by spreadsheet mavens to crunch data.
Ah yes, those pivot tables.  Also blamed for the downfall of Lotus 1-2-3, I believe (among many reasons cited, this is the feature I hear about most often -- Excel had it, 1-2-3 didn't).  Anyway, SimDesk seems like an interesting play; downloaded productivity components are apparently in vogue.
Link: Business Week Online: A sweet deal in suite software >

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