Blog reader Tim Latta is quoted...

"We all know that e-mail continues to grow, the inbox is more and more full every day, so we are thinking about the questions and answers that you can resolve through IM," said Tim Latta, a technology architect at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire.
Hewitt has implemented Lotus SameTime for more than 10,000 employees to cut down on phone and e-mail exchanges, as well as to keep a careful eye on its instant-messaging traffic.
Aside from Tim's 15 minutes, the article has several intriguing points.  It quotes a company CEO as saying that the new mail notifier in Outlook, and the sending of rapid-fire, short e-mails, are as good as having IM.  It interviews someone from Open Text, not a major market share owner.  And the most beguiling is this quote from Gartner:
"When I started talking to people about IM a year ago, the No. 1 question was, 'How do I stop this?'" said Lou Latham, an analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Group.
A year ago?  Certainly there's been a lot more buzz about IM in the last few months, with new news almost weekly.  But Lotus Sametime first shipped in 1998.  Ahead of its time?
Link: Chicago Tribune: Firms rushing to corral use of instant messages >

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