A blog reader pinged me last night and said, "do you ever worry about the fact that your blog basically advertises when you are going to be away from your home?"
Actually, yes.  I was just thinking about this over the weekend, as I made plans for an upcoming vacation (as opposed to business travel to interesting places).  Y'all know when I am away, just by reading my schedule or the location field on my postings. Thus, by definition, you know when I'm not in my home.  We all do it -- Volker is in Berlin, Rob is travelling the country, Libby has five upcoming trips, Steve is commuting 200 miles a day.  Nobody's home.
Just authoring on this topic makes me a little uncomfortable....though, like any discussion about security, the bad guys have probably thought of this stuff already.  It is thus naive not to discuss it, like you'll give someone an idea.
So the question is, what do you do?  I started this weblog in part because I wanted to be able to write about business travel.  That means my home and family are exposed to some possible risk.  Now, the bad guys don't necessarily know that my home or family are more vulnerable just because I'm away ... maybe I have a cousin on the police force in Highland Park (well, my wife does), maybe my in-laws come by every day (pretty sure they do when I am away), and maybe the home security system is certainly on more often than when I'm here.  Or maybe not.  That's all good when it's just me travelling.  What about if we're all away?
One decision I made in this area is that I'm not posting exact dates or where I'm going for vacation (Heck, I might just be going to Milwaukee on a day trip, and weeding the garden for the rest of the week, right???? :). Might write about it after the fact, not before.  I can/could also take advantage of the DominoBlog feature that lets you author blogs in advance and have them magically appear on a specified date, but then I'm not here to participate in the discussions about those blogs (though with web access quickly becoming incredibly ubiquitous, that might not be much of an issue anymore).   Or I could stop posting the "upcoming events" and stop using the location field on the blog.
Interesting thoughts and challenges.  I tried to google to see what other bloggers have written on this topic, but it was really hard to find the right search criteria.  Anyone have some good links or thoughts?

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