Today was one of those days that you just feel good about your job, well, ok, at least I do.

  • Eric Mack has been generously namechecking me over the last few days.    The first was an article about his troubles in procuring IBM PC hardware.  I wish I could have helped out in that situation more than I did; but with the trip to Asia and re-entry, I just didn't end up having the time to connect the dots.  But I encouraged Eric to write about his troubles; I'm not above seeing bad news about IBM "in print".  In fact, when Eric blogged the story, along with a posting in the Lotus Partner Forum, my partner-in-crime Alan Lepofsky saw Eric's posting and, without knowing any of the background, immediately took action.  He used IBM's bluepages application to find the right expert in the organization, and within a matter of two e-mails, the right person was on the phone with Eric.  He's followed up on the posting on e-Pro's site and elsewhere with the happy outcome of all this work.  
  • Other good news today -- a blogger/blogreader (I won't out them) contacted me as a follow-up to some e-mail from eight weeks ago.  His small company (150 users) had a new CTO who was threatening to switch out Lotus Notes for the bad guys.  With some help from me, and again my partner-in-crime Alan, this customer was able to easily put down any discussion of switching away from their Notes environment.  This was a great story to me for a few reasons -- nice to see a very small organization, one of a size you don't typically think of as the typical IBM customer, recognizing the value of their existing investment.  But it's also a huge testimonial to the power of blogging -- I would have never connected with this customer were it not for their, and my, weblogs.  Score one for the good guys.
  • I also participated in a number of planning calls around two other messaging consolidation/standardization customer situation.  I'll end up north of the border next week as a result of one of the calls.  It's just interesting to see the amount of ongoing activity in the Notes/Domino space -- I think that could keep me busy and focused for a long time to come.
  • Oh, Eric Mack's other mention of me was in an interesting article about outsourcing/offshoring talent.  It's an interesting thought that I hadn't pursued before, and it's generous and intriguing for Eric to compare me to Microsoft's Robert Scoble.

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