Isn't this the same tired pitch that Microsoft has been using since their last partner conference?

Microsoft executive said the vendor sees an opportunity to lure partners away from IBM to Microsoft's collaboration software because of the technology migration from the Lotus/Domino platform to Workplace, IBM's next-generation collaboration suite. "It's a great time to talk to [Lotus partners], given the transition," said Chris Capossela, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Information Worker Product Management Group.
or as quoted in The Register:
"We are hearing that with Workplace technology there has been a decent amount of concern from Lotus Notes customers about what the future holds for them," Microsoft corporate vice president for the information worker product management group Chris Capossela told The Register on Friday.
This seems to be the classic Microsoft play of "say it enough times and it must be true".  The announcements this year of double-digit consecutive growth for Notes/Domino, the public unveiling of the next version of Notes, and the imminent ship of Notes/Domino 7 seem to be the facts to get in the way of Microsoft's FUD play.  

Thankfully, from what I hear out of Minneapolis, and what we see in the InfoWorld article, there are partners that are smarter than the FUD:
"Why would I go to Microsoft if the transition to Workplace is difficult?" said Jim Murphy, an IBM certified solution advisor for Principle Software, an IBM business partner in Waltham, Massachusetts. "IBM has done more to invest and enhance [partner] relationships [than Microsoft]. As far as making a move strictly because of technology, we've seen a tremendous embracing of Workplace among our customers." ...

Furthermore, another partner said that Microsoft is creating a misconception by claiming there is a significant hurdle to cross when migrating from Notes/Domino to Workplace.

"There is no transition required," said Andrew Pollack, founder and president of Northern Collaborative Technologies
Yet I hear that the presentations in Minneapolis featured an even stronger dose of FUD, saying that Lotus customers will be required to buy DB2 and WebSphere and and and, just to keep going.  This is simply not true.

There are still Lotus customers looking for more detail on the roadmap for Lotus Notes and how it comes together as part of the IBM Workplace family.  I continue to do meetings, press interviews, and event speeches on this topic.  Yet I would assume that most of these customers are smart enough to get their information about the future of Lotus from IBM itself, not from the FUD...right?

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