This helps me answer a comment from earlier today about how Domino Messaging Express fits in terms of an SMB play...strong quotes from Peter O'Kelly:

"Conventional wisdom says that messaging is a dead market," [Burton Group senior analyst Peter] O'Kelly said. "I think this is a good example of the energy in the market." O'Kelly also described how serious IBM has become in making a significant investment in the SMB segment, especially with special offers for customers who currently employ a competitor's messaging software.
Currently, IBM Lotus is offering up to 1,000 licenses of Messaging Express for $48 per user when they trade up from their current messaging product. The software is also available for $96 as a new purchase.
That 50% discount for competitive upgrades, O'Kelly said, is an example of just how aggressive IBM Lotus is willing to be in order to increase its market share, as well as an example of how healthy the market is becoming. "[IBM Lotus is] relentless in the SMB market ... these are Fortune 1000 companies dealing with an overload of software ... underserved by traditional enterprise players -- this creates an opportunity for some new business," O'Kelly said.
O'Kelly quelled concern that Messaging Express was something wildly different from Lotus Domino as it exists today. "This is Domino," he said.
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