I never, ever, ever have left this airport via an on-time departure.  So with a 50 minute delay, might as well update the blog. :)
The e-Pro Lotus Informer is highlighting results of their recent poll covering plans for Notes/Domino 7.  42% said they're not even ready to think about ND7 (and another 19% aren't working with the beta and lack upgrade plans).  Only 27% of respondents indicate that they are working with the beta or have plans around ND7.
This doesn't surprise or worry me. I'm talking to more and more customers who are rolling out Notes 6.5, even though it was less than a year after 6.0, for reasons like the instant messaging integration.  With that rollout underway, ND7 lies just beyond the radar's range at the moment, and that's fine.  Besides, I suspect many of you remember the "Rnext" beta process, or have been paying attention to the IBM pronouncements about beta cycle and ship date.  First, the release date is more than six months away -- so it's not part of your 2004 project plans or budgets.  Second, beta 1 is not feature complete -- as with Rnext, betas only include a certain number of features.  Beta 2, expected in the next couple of weeks, will add more than what you see now, and that process will continue until product availability.
With such a large installed base, and with Notes/Domino being mission-critical in so many organizations, the beta cycle for a major release must be a well-planned, carefully considered, and thorough process.  I mentioned somewhere in the last day or two that my own plan is to become much more active with the ND7 beta once beta 2 hits, so I'll be blogging about it more and participating regularly in the feedback forum.  I suspect by the time we get to Orlando in January for Lotusphere 2005, those poll results will swing a bit.  Still, even then, many of you will be content at that point to be on 6.x, or even R5.  That's OK.  Notes/Domino has one of the industry's best track records for forward and backward compatibility.  It'll be there when you are ready -- and I believe the the final product will be compelling enough that you'll want to be ready sooner rather than later.  

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