This is a really old webpage, I think, and it's for a product that is not even on the market share charts--except in Japan, where the product is known by the parent company's name, Cybozu.  But since my colleagues were just in Japan, we were talking about Cybozu a bit.  I decided to check out their US operations to see what was new in the land of Share360.
I ended up, as one might expect from me, on Share360's "price comparison" page.  As you can see, they claim on this page that a deployment of Share360 to 200 users,

According to customer feedback, Share360 requires almost no system administration or training. Downtime is rare due to the Share360 application itself.
Wow, it's better than a ginsu knife!  I am surprised that any marketing organization would make such blanket assertions about the overall TCO of their product -- especially when most industry models for messaging TCO include admin, training, downtime, support, and everything else.  But maybe there's really something other-worldly about Share360.  Or maybe it's a marketing person just going a wee bit over the top ;)

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