My colleague Michael O'Connell, the Editorial Director for IBM Developerworks, has also been watching the various quote-fests coming out of the Microsoft partner conference in Toronto earlier this week.  (Hmmm, I was in Toronto earlier this week....).  He comments on Ballmer's latest stance regarding Linux, and specifically IBM's work around Linux:

While Ballmer may be good at pacing on stage and rallying the pro-Microsoft troops, he might garner a bit more credibility with the broader industry if he employed facts. developerWorks has learned that "IBM drove nearly $100 million of eServer and Middleware direct sales transactions from Linux from IBM's top 400 Linux partners -- with over a third in SMB." This was in the first half of 2004 alone. And it does not include services.
It is great to see another IBMer joining the public discussion of Microsoft's credibility...I wonder if this keeps up, if finally we'll get past the "if they say it enough times, people will think it is true" mentality about MS's executive pronouncements.

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