Infoworld has some coverage from the Rational Software Development Conference...excerpts here:

IBM on Monday is unveiling development tools intended to boost the IBM Workplace collaboration platform. The introductions will be made at the IBM Rational Software Development User Conference in Grapevine, Texas.   The tools will suit different classes of developers ranging from experienced programmers to business managers, according to IBM. ...
The Workplace portfolio will be expanded to include the following:....  Workplace Designer, for complex applications. This tool provides a visual, enterprise-level scripting tool for building standalone applications or to complement applications built with Workplace Builder. Workplace Designer is more advanced than Workplace Builder but less advanced than WebSphere Studio; it will help customers with experience using IBM Lotus Domino Designer leverage existing skills, IBM said. The Designer tool is set to ship in a beta release later this year.
Additionally, IBM will enhance support for IBM Workplace Client Technology within its developerWorks program and IBM Innovation Centers.
Amazing.  An IBM conference that isn't about Lotus, yet all the executives are buzzing about Workplace.  Maybe it's finally getting through to the market that IBM is not out to kill Lotus, after all.
Link: InfoWorld: IBM advancing Workplace platform >

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