Speaking of eWeek....

July 20 2004

I could be wrong about this, but having been a competitive guy for five years now, my detective instincts are pretty good.
Two weeks ago, a few people noticed (and I blogged) that eWeek had started adding advertising in its RSS feeds.  Steve Gillmor has written several columns for eWeek evangelizing RSS, most recently as a replacement for the browser (he's also written that it could replace e-mail).  Thus, I was honestly a bit surprised that Gillmor didn't take the opportunity in his blog on eWeek's site to explain the new RSS feed content, and how it fit with his vision of RSS overall.
In fact, that blog seemed to go quiet altogether, unusual given that Groove shipped their 3.0 release (among other things I would have expected to read about there).  I also noticed that the eWeek page on messaging and collaboration, which used to have a box advertising "Steve Gillmor's messaging and collaboration RSS feed" now just says "msg & collab RSS feed".  Huh.
The light bulb finally went on earlier today...I started to suspect that Gillmor might no longer be writing for eWeek.  Hmmm, let's see....over at ZDNet (no longer connected to eWeek, by the way, not sure I understand how that works but whatever :), the ZDNet blog has an entry authored by Steve Gillmor, and a link to an interview between Gillmor and Sun President Jonathan Schwartz.
I should be a detective ;)  

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