SearchDomino interviewed Lotus's Nathaniel Borenstein on the topic of spam.  Borenstein works in the Lotus CTO's office, and he's widely recognized as the IBM anti-spam "guru".  He gave a plenary speech at the Inbox2004 event last month in San Jose, and spoke recently at the Open Group conference.

SearchDomino: Is Microsoft taking spam seriously enough?
Borenstein: Bill Gates is on record as saying that spam will no longer be a major issue by mid-2005. I think that's unrealistic, and if [Microsoft] thinks it has a cure-all, then its users are going to be sorely disappointed. Hopefully, Microsoft doesn't believe its own rhetoric. But we're in this for the long haul. To stop spam over time, our goal is to develop a whole pipeline full of antispam solutions, so there will always be something new.
Link: SearchDomino: Lotus' unending crusade against spam >

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