Last month, The Radicati Group published a paper entitled, "IBM Lotus & Microsoft -- Corporate Messaging Market Analysis".  It follows the April publication of a similar "IBM Lotus Messaging Software, Market Analysis".  About a week ago, I started receiving queries as to whether IBM had any comment on the June Radicati paper.  Uncomfortably, I had to admit that I had not seen the paper.
A couple of days ago, the job of providing a response to the paper was made much easier, when it became available for free download on The Radicati Group site.  This was surprising, given that it was a US$2500 paper just days before.  Connecting the dots, I found that the paper is also now available for download on the Exchange section of the Microsoft website, posted, not coincidentally, about a week ago.  
So, now I've seen the paper.  And yes, for those who have asked, now I am working on an official IBM response.  I hope to have it ready next week, though it may take a few days to get through the cycle and up on
In the meantime, if you are looking for an expert analysis of the Radicati paper, Michael Sampson of Shared Spaces Research & Consulting has penned "Response to the Radicati market analysis study of June, 2004".  Michael has been an observer of the entire messaging wars market era, so he knows the history of the various products discussed.  More importantly, he's applied a critical eye to the analytical technique as much as the analysis.  There are some places where our views diverge -- personally, I think the section of the IBM response covering "IBM Lotus' end-of-life strategy" will be written in bold red large font, not merely that "something different will happen" -- but Michael has taken the time to view this report from the perspective of the customer, rather than the marketing departments of my organization or the competition.

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