This has been one of the most incredible weeks for me professionally.  It is like being on the Aerosmith roller coaster at Disney-MGM -- really really fast out of the gate, in the dark so you have no idea what's coming next, sensory overload, and yet great for the adrenaline rush and racing heart.  You'll know more of why I say so come Monday.
For now, though, there's another interesting report in the wild.  A few bloggers have noticed it already.  The Microsoft Exchange site (forgive me again that I am just not going to link there) has a new TCO study, comparing costs for Domino and Exchange in SMB customers.  The report was authored by "META Group", though the specific authors (nor what department at META) are not disclosed....nor is the sponsorship.
I am once again going to hold my formal commentary for any response that IBM publishes.  (Aside -- on the previous report, one is still coming)  I have been debating for two or three days whether to even blog this, because it's clear that the report hasn't been widely distributed yet (and as such, I'm giving it free publicity).  But after reading what Michael Sampson had to say about this META report, along with blog entries by Rich Schwartz, Tris Hussey, and others, I believe it is better for the Lotus community to see this now.  And yes, for the Microsofties and Waggener-Edstrom people who are reading this blog to know that I know it's out there.  And that it's not going to be taken lightly.
I'm going to be watching the comments again carefully, folks.  I'm getting close to publishing IP addresses, which those of you who are honest and ethical obviously won't have problems with.  Heck, does it -- and they have some pretty fascinating discussions there.

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