08 for emergency

August 13 2007

So in getting back into things, I was forced to change the password on my Blackberry Pearl today.  As if trying to clean the little trackball just before leaving for vacation wasn't hard enough (I don't think I really got the ball back in there right, and I cracked the silver ring around it), now I seem to have stumbled across a weird feature in my new password.  

IBM's 'berry policy requires the usual mix of letters and numbers.  I chose to make "08" part of the password.  Well, after I type 0-8 when entering the password, I get

"Press SEND to start Emergency call"

How odd!  I can type right through that and, with one additional keystroke, finish entering the password, but I was really confused by this prompt.

A little googling around and I found that "08" is an emergency number in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.  But I'm in the US.  So what gives?

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