It's been a few years since I attended a GRANITE meeting.  GRANITE is the Chicago/midwest Notes users group, and I was definitely looking forward to the opportunity to catch up with the local market.
Well, now I know what hell is like.
Not because of the users group, of course, but because of the boat.
Yes, today's GRANITE meeting included a lunch aboard the Spirit of Chicago, a small cruise ship which caters mainly to tourists.  Well, they must not do a lot of business meetings, as we were seated in a room where the average age was somewhere higher than 75.  The buffet lunch was nice enough ("lime crust wings" and "salisbury steak" were among the highlights), but well, I don't think any of us expected the entertainment.  Yes, the banquet room aboard the Spirit included a show (not just the other guests) with two MCs offering running commentary throughout the cruise.  They started off with a rousing rendition of "Be our guest!" which was followed by a few piped-in music selections (Styx's "Sailing away", how clever).  At the moment, the guy is blabbing on about Chicago's exciting sports teams, including a football team called the "Bears".
Well, I'm sure learning a lot about the Chicago Notes market at the moment.
Detroit, how are you going to top this???

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