I was trying to be resolute in not blogging about it being my birthday today, but Duffbert threatened to out me anyway, so here we are.  Question is, did I wake up in the right place this morning?  I had three birthday greeting e-mails in my inbox, all of them having a slight twist, oddity, or weirdness:

  • First was from a good friend sending me a virtual birthday cake.  I guess my waistline appreciates that more than a real one anyway.
  • Second was from The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India.  Now, I stayed in this hotel for one night almost two years ago, and never since.  I arrived in Mumbai at 1 AM local time after flying 16 hours from Chicago, to find that there was no car for me at the airport (this is Mumbai I'm talking about).  Eventually, an agent from the hotel appeared in the crowd (the street passes as a lobby in this part of the airport) and arranged to take me to the hotel.  It turns out that a) it was the wrong hotel (I was booked at the Taj Palace) and b) I was one night early, as far as they were concerned.  Not a good start.  So, I suppose I might have been dazed and confused enough to fill out the whole form at check-in, or maybe they snagged my birthday from my passport.
  • Third was from my mother-in-law, who offered wishes that a green carpet be rolled at my feet.  Strange birthday wish, until I realized (little slow this morning) that she meant my front lawn, which right now looks like this:

    Image:Well I wasn´t going to blog about it....
    but by the end of the day, promises to look like a lawn again.  I'll post the before and after pictures on my photos website.

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