Babynamer on

August 16 2003

Babynamer is a cool tool on  It lets you research possible baby names from a database of 23,000.  Now, unlike some baby name books, this doesn't just tell you the origin/meaning of the name.  It has first-hand opinions from people who have the name, shows you survey data as to what people perceive someone with that name to be like, and even shows you typical teasing nicknames for someone with that name.
No,  nobody ever called me "Ed-dwarf", but some of these sound familiar.  "Edgar" was the worst, because he wanted his malt-o-meal.  And no, I have never heard of Edward as a female name, but the site insists that it has been used this way.  Babynamer is even multi-cultural, though not surprisingly, it does not have any data on the name Duffbert .

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