Last night, eWeek ran a story about the hacker vs. big blue drama playing out over the report of a security vulnerability in Lotus Sametime.  The story quotes a posting on my from Friday, and then Lotus's Steve Londgeran as to what we are looking at with this reported issue.
On the one hand, I'm pleased to see that the is being used as a voice-of-Lotus.  This is exactly the type of situation we were envisioning when it was created.  On the other hand, pitting my against an e-mail interview with an anonymous hacker is a very interesting situation.
I debated all night as to whether or not to draw attention to this story.  In the end I felt it was worth mentioning, since it has one element of interest (the use of official blog as source).  But there is something uncomfortable about the article.
As for the issue itself, as the article says, we plan on issuing a full technote by end of day US time today (Wednesday the 13th).  I'll be updating the once that is done.

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