Thanks to Volker for sending me this link just before I went to bed last night....

If you're after a complete collaborating environment and plang on developing in-house applications, then Lotus Domino would definitely be your best bet. If only basic e-mail and groupware capabilities are needed, then you could have an argument for Exchange.
We should also mention that many companies are showing an impressive return on investment with Lotus Domino and we're not surprised. It features a more consistent framework than Exchange, its common toolkits are more tightly integrated, and above all it's a much better platform for developing applications. Quickplace was also our preferred application for sharing information among small teams. We were able to move around Quickplace much easier and it only costs $89 per user.
Find the whole review and the Editor's Choice selection of IBM Lotus Domino 6 on ZDNet Australia.
Allow me a moment for a victory dance :)

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