From the Exchange Messaging Outlook newsletter, August 20, 2003:

To protect their networks, major ISPs have now blocked port 135 and apparently plan to keep it blocked. Since that's a key port that Outlook uses to make RPC (remote procedure call) connections to Exchange, the side effect is that it's now impossible for many Outlook users to connect directly to Exchange over the Internet.
We asked Intermedia.Net, which hosts, how they handled the issue for their customers who have outsourced Exchange to servers that Intermedia hosts. Intermedia reminded its customers that they can use Outlook Web Access to get their mail with a browser. They also offered to set up a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to Exchange 2000.
I would expect Microsoft to get even more aggressive at pushing Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003, then, since they are now offering an RPC-over-HTTP capability (which Notes has had, incidentally, since R5). In the meantime, Exchange users will be SOL, I guess.
This sounds like it is the same issue that bit Mitch Kapor ten days ago. That prompted quite a bit of buzz on the blogs; I'm (finally) responding to it with my entry on Monday. (updated with link)

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